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Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia, directed by John Borowski

Jul 18, 2018

Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia – Forthcoming Documentary by Director John Borowski

COMING SOON 2018 / 2019

Vinent Castiglia paints in human blood. The haunting, yet beautiful, surreal images portray human bodies in various forms of decay. The reasons why Castiglia began painting in blood are explored in this emotional rollercoaster ride portrayed on film.
The subject of art as a healing force is confronted in this documentary, which begins as a ride through the hell of child abuse and drug addiction. From the darkness comes light. Castiglia’s story is one of inspiration and hope. Proof that art can heal and inspire others.

Making Bloodlines was an amazing experience. It is true what they say about the journey being most important. I met some amazing people and through meeting them, I learned things about myself. The inspirational stories about the perseverance and determination of overcoming addiction filled my heart with hope. I hope that viewers of Bloodlines will be inspired by the stories of recovery. As Vincent states in the film: “For anyone going through something that maybe doesn’t see a way out, hold on. Things get better.”       ~John Borowski

Bloodlines currently has U.S. and worldwide distribution, to be released in 2018/2019

Official Site: https://bloodlinesdocumentary.com

Filmmaker Site: http://www.johnborowski.com

Artist Site: http://www.vincentcastiglia.com


Margaret Cho, Actor/Comedian

Greg Allman, Musician, Allman Brothers Band

Damien Echols, Ex-Death Row Inmate, West Memphis Three

Kerry King and Gary Holt, Musicians, Slayer

Randy Blythe, Musician, Lamb of God

Tom Gabriel Fischer, Musician, Tryptikon

Martin Eric Ain, Musician, Celtic Frost

Michael Alago, Record Executive

And more!


Sound Re-recording Mixer: Tolgar Alpagut

Music: DC McAuliffe

Editor: Bernard Anthony Lewandowski 

Producers: John Borowski – Waterfront Productions, Bernard Anthony Lewandowski – September Son Films

Executive Producer: Kevin Lockhart

©2018 John Borowski/Waterfront Productions