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“Autopsy of The Soul” (New Works and Retrospective), Opening June 8th – Dark Art Emporium

Jun 7, 2019


Public Reception with the Artist

June 8, 2019, 7-10 pm

Dark Art Emporium Gallery

256 Elm Ave Long Beach CA 90802


Vincent Castiglia is a fine artist and tattooist from New York City, now living and working in Los Angeles.

Exhibited and collected across the globe, Vincent’s works have unsurprisingly garnered attention and praise from many facets of the fine art and dark art communities. His first major exhibition of works was in the Swiss museum of mentor and friend H.R. Giger.

Commissions using the blood of his patrons include celebrity clients the likes of Greg Allman, Margaret Cho  and Gary Holt (Slayer).

A Documentary film about Vincent’s life and work “Bloodlines” was released in 2018.

From The Gallery: 

“Vincent uses his own blood as the medium for his masterworks.

But like his “paint”, these pieces flow from deep beneath the skin, not relying on the shock and awe factor of his sanguine hues. Vincent’s works are an expression of his evolving soul, of a tortured past struggling to be expressed and alleviated. They are in many ways Rites. Acts of intention. Rituals of exorcism and hope.

When viewed in person these compositions demand not only your attention but a sense of reverence. With intricately detailed lines, accosting and reverent imagery, we are pulled in to an inner sanctum. A chapel where art is the deity, a healing simulacrum, and Vincent Castiglia, its most devoted disciple.”

– Jeremy Cross, Co-Curator – Director DAE Gallery

From the Artist:

“‘Autopsy of The Soul’ is a collection of musings spanning four years with subjects exploring life and death, the possibility of the persistence of consciousness after death, human struggle and triumph, and notions of karma & universal balance. Through working with sigils, I have also devoted a portion of the show to personal & universal healing titled “Medicina Interiora”. I’m honored to be showing this body of work at The Dark Art Emporium, and am very much looking forward to the opening.”

– Vincent Castiglia

In addition to the focal series’  “Autopsy of the Soul” (Vincent’s largest conceptual series to date) & the “Medicina Interiora” (Magik sigils on animal skin) this exhibition will showcase works spanning the artist’s entire career. From early works, private commissions displayed for the first time publicly (Including The Greg Alman portrait) and sculptures. A very limited edition and exclusive series of prints will be released at the opening reception.