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Vincent Castiglia Gallery & Custom Tattoo ~ Grand-Opening Feb. 22, 2022 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – “Epigenesis”, 7-11pm ~ Special Guest DJ and friend Burton C. Bell!

Feb 14, 2022

For Immediate Release January 22nd, 2022:

Vincent Castiglia Gallery & Custom Tattoo Grand-Opening February 22, 2022 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – “Epigenesis”, 7-11pm:

Now with a seasoned 22-year career in Tattooing and Painting, creating a body of works that hangs in collections and indelibly on skin around the world, founder of Omega Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY (2003) has amalgamated both arenas “congealed” into Vincent Castiglia Gallery & Custom Tattoo, the harmonization of Vincent’s two greatest passions in one, subdivided location, the Gallery functioning independently from the Tattoo-wing of the Studio.

VCG: 2227 South Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

Vincent Castiglia’s macabre-appearing art examining various ‘stations’ of the Human Condition, often with Metaphysical themes spans a crossover audience from comedian/actress Margaret Cho, who now has a massive self portrait created with her own blood (featured on “The View”), iconic Rock/Country legend and longtime collector of Vincent’s paintings Gregg Allman’s final studio album with  portrait and hand-painted logo and track listing, the album’s portrait of Gregg painted in the blood of the whole Allman family, the project’s brain-child and album’s namesake, daughter, Brooklyn Allman, the painting going on to hang in the Grammy Museum for their Tribute to Gregg (original painting – Collection: Brooklyn Allman), AND, and crowned king of heavy metal guitarists Gary Holt of Slayer/Exodus, who now has a coveted custom-painted ESP guitar of the classically painted “Lucifer” – the functional artwork Vincent painted over 2 months which went on to tour with Gary, Slayer, and Exodus since 2016, going on to become one of Gary’s signature, ‘most played’ stage-axes (featured on “Jimmy Kimmel”).

Vincent Castiglia and Gary Holt and his ESP guitar “Lucifer”

Margaret Cho and Vincent Castiglia

Layla Brooklyn Allman, Greg Allman, Brooklyn and Vincent Castiglia

After the release of the film Bloodlines, Vincent Castiglia devoted the last few years almost exclusively to privately commissioned painting in LA, creating “The Acceptance of Death & Transmigration of Consciousness”, “Love’s Travail”, and “Seat of The Seed Atom” among others, solely devoting one year to each work; commissions for collectors in field of Medicine, Vincent recently selling his homage to Dr. Jack Kevorkian, “Angel of Death”. 

“Autopsy of The Soul”, New Works and Retrospective, Dark Art Emporium, LA, USA

Burton C. Bell – Singer/ Songwriter (Fear Factory, City of Fire, etc.) DJing the event will be friend and event collaborator, Burton C. Bell, iconic Singer/songwriter of Fear Factory, City of Fire, Ascension of The Watchers, etc.), who Vincent is honored to have play the “score” to the Gallery’s inception. Says Burton C. Bell, “I am absolutely honored to be invited to Vincent’s opening to view his latest work in person, SEAT OF THE SEED ATOM! I am even more excited to have been asked to be the DJ of this significant event. I am looking forward to a fantastic evening with my friend to celebrate his vision!”

Stephen Romano, Curator & Collector, Stephen Romano Gallery: “I have seen first hand how the art of Vincent Castiglia is one which appeals, and is accessible to people from all social, economic and political walks of life with great wonder (Scope Art Fair, Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC). Whether it’s the technical mastery and proficiency, the visionary nature of the subject matter, or how the two come together in the execution of the work, labors of love and integrity on behalf of the artist, that within which the artist does nothing less than genuinely imbue his very soul, every time. The viewer stands rapt in awe at the shamanic healing power of this artist’s magnificent works. History will remember Vincent as an authentic; an artist who channeled his ordeal, and who balanced the angst of being alive in our time with the wonder of being alive in our time. Vincent is making a remarkably distinct and powerful body of work that contributes extraordinarily to the spirit of mankind.”

Seat of the Seed Atom (heart Surgeon commissioned work – Private Collection, USA)

The Gallery will be a semi-permanent (rotating) installation of Vincent’s Painting, Sculpture, and Limited Edition items, hosting Annual solo exhibitions of Curated Artists, and Bi-Annual juried Group Exhibitions, open for submission to all Fine Artists working in the realm of Surrealism. The opening also marks the long overdue release of 36 new Limited Editions, Large-Format (original painting size) as well as Standard-Sized Editions, now making the work accessible for every price point. The Large-Format Editions are extremely limited (12 pieces per Edition and will never be printed again). These are as closest to owning an original at full-scale as possible for a fraction of the price. Standard-Sized Limited Editions (limited to 180-230) as well as open Edition poster prints also available in larger number. Special exhibitions aside, Vincent’s original paintings will be viewable by appointment only, inquires can be emailed.

A very special limited edition of only four, Autopsy of The Soul, 16” x 20 Giclee canvas prints of will be offered at the opening only, first come/serve, which Vincent will be signing and personalizing for four collectors.

Tattoo & Photo: Vincent Castiglia

Vincent will be opening his Tattoo books again officially at the forthcoming flagship location, VCG, by appointment, beginning in March. The custom-Tattoo studio will also host established guest artists year-round, as well as emerging talent working in the custom arena. Tattoo portfolio submissions can also be emailed: info@vincentcastigliagallery.com

Vincent Castiglia Vincent Castiglia Gallery is also Honored to Announce its First Curated Solo-Exhibition of the Renowned Master HR Giger’s Art in Florida! Vincent Castiglia Gallery is also honored to announce it’s *first curated exhibition slated for late 2022, of Vincent’s friend, mentor and art-hero, the master, HR Giger (RIP). This will mark the first ever HR Giger solo exhibition of its kind in Florida, including *original airbrush paintings, *original drawings, and limited editions and sculpture by HR Giger, independent of Art Basel (Miami), in tribute of the late Master.

HR Giger and Vincent Castiglia, HR Giger Museum Gallery, 2008, SWZ

More details TBA closer to the Opening!

Vincent Castiglia online:

www.ArcanumStudioFL.com www.VincentCastigliaGallery.com (Under construction!)