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About: Vincent Castiglia

Existential Visionary Artist

Castiglia’s paintings are monochromatic tableaux examining life, death, and the human condition. While many surrealists cite fantasy or dreams as their inspiration, Castiglia’s canvases are connected to a life story which is highly allegorical.

The archetypal figures in Castiglia’s work embody the finitude of human existence. The viewer is presented with the symbiosis of birth and death. The images themselves, as he sees them, form as crystallizations of his experiences, freed from the psyche; the viewer is not only allowed to see into the figure, but also through it, into a deeper psychological world.

Vincent Castiglia is the 1st American artist to receive a solo exhibition invitation from Oscar Award-winning artist H.R. Giger to exhibit in the H. R. Giger Museum Gallery“Remedy for the Living”, the 1st solo exhibition of paintings by Vincent Castiglia opened on November 1st 2008 and ran for 6 months, closing in April of 2009.

2010 marked the Film and Music debut for Castiglia’s art. MTV New Media’s Horror-Slasher Film, “Savage County”, features as it’s official movie poster a painting by Vincent Castiglia, depicting the three murderers in the film. The film, directed by David Harris, also features producers David Gale (Varsity Blues) and Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow). Leading the cast is Mimi Michaels (Boogeyman 3). Savage County is described as a tribute to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Earlier in the year, Castiglia painted album art for Triptykon’s 2010 debut release, “Eparistera Daimones”. The group is founded by former Hellhammer / Celtic Frost singer and guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer. The album’s art is an amalgamation of works by HR Giger (cover art), Vincent Castiglia (interior art), and Triptykon on “Eparistera Daimones”, which conceptually is understood to form a creative triptych in itself.

His work hangs in many distinguished international collections; one of his most celebrated works of 2006, “Gravity” was recently acquired by Rock legend Gregg Allman.

Castiglia’s paintings have been exhibited at museums and galleries in the US, and internationally,including Meta Gallery (Toronto, Canada), CoproGallery, (Santa Monica, California), Last Rites Gallery (New York) The Museum of Sex (New York), The Museum Of Porn In Art, (Switzerland), The HR Giger Museum Gallery, (Switzerland), , The Mall Gallery (London, England) Canvas Los Angeles (Los Angeles California), Meta Gallery (Toronto, Canada) Fuse Gallery (New York), Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center (Ft. Myers, Florida), Art @ Large Gallery (New York) Gallery Lombardi (Austin Texas), L’imagerie Gallery (Hollywood, California), Museo De La Cuidad De Mexico, (Mexico), Sacred Gallery (New York) C-Pop Gallery (Detroit, Michigan), Shooting Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Seed Gallery (Newark, New Jersey), The 7th Annual Dirty Show (Detroit, Michigan), The Congregation Gallery (Hollywood, California), and many more.

His work has been featured on FOX News, CNBC, BBC, New York 1 News, Spike TV, The Discovery Channel, and The Science Channel. Castiglia was also recently a guest on the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius XM Radio. His work has been explored by countless art and culture publications, in the US and internationally, including the New York Post, New York Daily News, The Huffington Post, Art Business News, International Business Times, as well as Lexikon Der Phantastischen Künstler “The international encyclopedia of fantastic, surrealistic, symbolist, & visionary artists”.


The entire collection of paintings by Vincent Castiglia is created exclusively in human blood(which anhydrates as “iron oxide”).

Blood is technically considered to be a tissue. It is made up of approximately 55% plasma, a yellowish clear fluid, which is 90% water by volume. Castiglia’s figures, their musculature and skin, are painted with what could be thought of as “liquid flesh”. Its tendency to quicken the subjects is likely inapproachable by any other medium—as it is actual tissue with which it is being rendered. In this way the subject’s realism is not merely an optical illusion due to it’s level of detail, but rather is an actual transference of flesh and blood to each work.

In the privacy of his studio, Castiglia practices a kind of modern-day phlebotomy, siphoning the life force which contains his own psychic energy, while giving it an outlet and form. In doing so, he dissolves the barrier between artist and art in a most literal and immediate sense.



Westchester County Center for the Arts

Psychocosm, Solo Exhibition, September 2014, White Plains, New York

Sacred Gallery

Resurrection, Solo Exhibition, October, 2012, New York, New York

Meta Gallery

Sacrifices For The Sanguinary Age, Solo Exhibition, September, 2010, Toronto, Canada

The Museum of Porn in Art

Remedy For The Living Ii, Solo Exhibition, January, 2010, Zurich, Switzerland

Last Rites Gallery

Anathema, Vincent Castiglia And Shawn Barber, December, 2008, New York, New York

H.R Giger Museum Gallery

Remedy For The Living, Solo Exhibition, November 1St, 2008 – March 2009, Gruyeres, Switzerland


Invitational: Tarot Under Oath

Last Rites Gallery, January, 2014, New York, New York

Invitational: Taboo

Last Rites Gallery, July, 2012, New York, New York

Invitational: The Society For Art Of Imagination

Phantesten Museum, March, 2012, Vienna, Austria

Invitational: The Damned Show

Hastings Ballroom / Curated By Tangent Gallery, October 2010, Detroit, Michigan

Invitational: Blood, Sweat, And Fears

Sacred Gallery, October, 2010, New York, New York

Invitational: The Black Plagu

Congregation Gallery, July, 2010, Los Angeles, California

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Invitational: Draw!

Museo De La Cuidad De Mexico, June, 2010

Invitational: Fifty Years Fantastic

La Galleria Pall Mall, April 2010, London, Uk

Invitational: Metamorphosis

Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, California, April, 2010

Invitational: Red Light Exhibition

Tangent Gallery, February, 2010, Detroit Michigan

Invitational: 1St Annual Unholiday Exhibition

Sacred Gallery, New York, New York, December, 2009

Invitational: Dark Art 3

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, October, 2009, Tampa, Florida

Invitational: Dark Art Iii

Sidney And Berne Davis Art Center, October, 2009, Fort Myers, Florida

Invitational: 2Nd Annual Metal Show

The Congregation Gallery, November, 2009, Los Angeles, California

Invitational: 2Nd Annual 13Th Hour Exhibition

Last Rites Gallery, October, 2009, New York City

Invitational: Art Of Vision

Seed Gallery, May, 2009, Newark, New Jersey

Invitational: Draw!

Shooting Gallery, April, 2009, San Francisco, California

Invitational: The 13Th Hour

Last Rites Gallery, October, 2009, New York, New York

Invitational: Scratch Art

Canvas Los Angeles Gallery, July, 2008, Los Angeles California

Invitational: New Blood Rising

Fuse Gallery, July, 2008, New York, New York

Invitational: Transgression

Last Rites Gallery, April, 2008, New York, New York

Invitational: Carnivor

L’imagerie Gallery, April, 2008 Hollywood, California

Invitational: Draw!

Stolen Space Gallery, March, 2008, London, England


Streetwise Gallery, September, 2007, Detroit, Michigan

Invitational: Carnivora

C-Pop Gallery, January-February, 2008, Detroit, Michigan

Invitational: Visionaries

Canvas Los Angeles, November, 2008, Los Angeles, California

Invitational: Revelation

Fuse Gallery, July-August, 2007, New York, New York

Invitational: Obscene, Not Heard, No. 87

Ludlow Gallery (Artwork Stolen From Gallery), May, 2007, New York, New York

Invitational: Draw!

Gallery Lombardi, Austin Texas, March, 2007 Annual

Invitational: The 7Th Annual Dirty Show

Februaruy, 2007, Detroit Michigan Annual

Invitational: 12 Annual Exhibition Of The Society For Art Of Imagination

Mall Galleries, April, 2007, The Mall, London, England

Invitational: Draw!

Gallery Lombardi, † March 9 – March 30, Austin, Texas

Invitational: Draw!

Fuse Gallery, October- December, 2006, New York, New York

Juried Exhibition: Selected Works

The H.R. Giger Museum Gallery, June-October, 2006, Gruyeres, Switzerland

Invitational: Bergdorf Goodman: Window Exhibition

Bergdorf Goodman Retailer, May-June, 2006, New York, New York

Invitational: Tiny Fine Art Exhibition

Art At Large Gallery, February-April, 2006, New York, New York

Invitational: The Devil’s Rejects Exhibition

The Museum Of Sex, December, 2006, New York, New York


Art At Large Gallery, December, 2006, New York, New York

Invitational: Draw!

Fuse Gallery, October, 2006, New York, New York